Sibyl von der Schulemburg

The first book of Sibyl von der Schulenburg is the result of a long process of research about her father in private and public archives. With Il barone, published by Ipertesto Edizioni – Verona (2010), the biographical novel about Werner von der Schulenburg has been printed: the story of a German writer, committed Europeanist, and anti-Nazi.

The book gets good reviews, historians and political scientists are interested in the character, and soon the novel is mentioned in historical research as the source of the official biography of Werner von der Schulenburg and of historical documents hitherto unpublished.

After studying psychology, Sibyl (with co-author Simona Ruggi) writes an essay on bilingualism: Tradursi e tradirsi. Bilinguismo e psicologia. Aracne Editrice – Rome, 2013.

From 2013 on, Sibyl writes and publishes psychological novels, stories of people living in psychic conflicts. Her writing style is dry and direct: essential. In Stable of Sorrow, the first novel of this new genre, the narrator does not use any mentalistic verb, entrusting the reader’s detection of mental states to the scenes and dialogues. The style in her other novels follows the same track. In all the books, the rhythm is tight, the construction of the sentences is simple, and the use of adjectives and adverbs is limited. There is frequent use of the objective correlative.

The author’s ambition is to bring the reader into the scene and let the characters speak.

In her writings, Sibyl reveals an Italian culture, one restrained, almost governed, by German roots. The description of the places and characters in her novels provides an account of the influence of different literary styles: from Italian romance to German expressionism, crystallized into a personal style.

Sibyl von der Schulenburg was born in Lugano, Switzerland, the daughter of two German writers. She grew up bilingual and multicultural, in Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. She studied at the Catholic University and then at the University of Milan, where she graduated in law. She worked for many years as managing director for a telecom company and traveled widely in the United States, Japan, and China.

In more recent years she felt the need to investigate psychological issues. She went back to university and earned a degree in Psychological Sciences and Techniques.

When not writing or studying, Sibyl loves to move. You will find her riding one of her horses, working with the dog, or traveling around the world with her husband, discovering fascinating places.

Sibyl von der Schulenburg lives and works in the province of Milan, with long stays in Tuscany on the Etruscan Coast.